Top 8 Trimble Total Station use by contractor for Business in 2022

Trimble Total Station

Trimble Total Station used by contractors enables reliability, is accurate, and encourages responsibility. Therefore, it measures the distance, angles and helps in determining the height and position of points. 

How to start a construction business?

Starting a construction company is not about money, as there involves a steep learning curve to help get things right. You have to create an actionable business plan and ensure that you have cleared with the state and local registration for starters. You will also need qualified and experienced staff with quality as your guiding principle. Lastly, you will need a marketing strategy that will set you apart and raise the bar for your competitors.

The business plan

A business plan is the blueprint of your construction company; it is the company on paper in simple terms. Despite there being a template to help create a business plan, the kind of business you want to start also matters.

And the reason why you need the business plan is that, in it, you have the executive summary, which explains what you aim to accomplish. It is here that you will reveal your construction company mission statement.

You will then describe your company, your goals, and your potential customers. And given that the construction industry is already saturated, your business plan should give information on how it will outdo the others.

A market analysis is thus necessary as it will show that you know how the construction industry operates. You will employ data and statistics to show how the industry has been progressing and how your company will fit into the whole equation.  Information about your consumers should be availed at this point and how you have weighed their income levels to fit into your financial goals.

Lastly, and the most important reason for a business plan is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and how you plan to counter that. Other information, such as the source of funding and a breakdown of how the funds will be utilized, must also be availed. Remember, your business plan has to factor in future projections and cases of hiccups. You will have to explain how you plan to sort them out.


Business registration

The land laws apply to any business, and a construction company is not any different, necessary to note that laws are unique in different countries and states. It will, therefore, be useful if one was conversant with the requirements that they have to fulfill.

So to build a trustworthy converting construction company, some primary considerations must first be fulfilled, and the first one is forming a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The latter won’t give you much hustle when it comes to paying off the business taxes, and at the same time, cover your assets if your company goes under and has to battle it out in court.

The LLCs are not limited, and you will thus get those that are a single owner structure, with which you can pay your taxes from your filing, and others that feature a complex structure, with business partners expecting annual salaries. The application of a license is also primary to the success of your construction company. You will have to get a permit that will use to bid on some of the government tenders.

You will have to get a license that allows you to work within a specific area concerning your municipality. There are also the specific licenses required for installing the HVAC equipment, so it would be best for you to find out what permits are necessary for your construction company in their location.

You must also ensure your business; remember that construction companies deal with heavy machinery and electricity that are likely to cause harm. Business insurance is also necessary if you don’t want trouble with the law. To this end, you will need General Liability insurance for use in case of worksite injuries, and others are the vehicle and property insurance for your companies equipment and machinery.

There is also employee-related insurance, and here you will have to adopt four of them: the state disability insurance, workers’ compensation, and unemployment.

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Tips to Grow Your Construction Business

Now that you’ve got the first phase of your construction company figured out, it is time to put some flesh onto the skeleton. Growing your construction company is not easy, but we will give you some helpful tips to adopt in the second phase. They say that charity begins at home, so your employees should be a tool to help your business grow, failure to which you will have to restructure, hire, and fire.

The only people working with you are those who have the required skills and put them to use. If your customers are complaining and your business is not making any visible progress, in-house clean-up is a must. Interact with the management team and encourage a conversation that is two-way, evaluate, and take a positive stance so that you can make wise decisions in the future.

Experts can be hired to help boost the profits, and a board of professionals will obliterate the chances of expensive blunders.  Put in place an accountability strategy to get feedback on whether you are performing about the set goals. As your business grows, you will need extra funding to expand and sustain operations.

First, find a reliable bank, then integrate effective management practices in your company for high profits. Presentation binders could also be presented to banks and potential sureties; however, as you prepare the presentations to portray high professionalism levels, to persuade banks into financing your business.

Overhead expenses should be monitored with precision, and an evaluation of costs should be done for other businesses that may arise. Building materials tend to appreciate with time, so before you begin any project, ensure that you have factored in the forecasted expenses so that you are not thrown off balance with high costs of labor and materials.

And as you bid for a contract, don’t offer too low because your chances of losing out will be genuine. Cheap products are generally looked at as of poor quality. Therefore, they bid a bit high and deliver quality professional work to build a good reputation.

Excellent customer service is paramount if you want your business to grow. For one, your reputation will precede you, and your client list will grow. Exceed the expectations of your clients and use it as a strategy in reducing customer turnover. Besides, when your client list grows, less money will be spent on marketing.

Expansions to new zones indicate a growing business, and you will thus have to market your company and grow your brand. Marketing strategies are many, and for one, you could use the social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn; you can also print your company’s logo on t-shirts, caps, and umbrellas or give incentives to workers who bring potential customers to your company.

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How Trimble Total Station Helps Contractor?

The Trimble total station helps contractors in construction site positioning, machine control, measurement, and stakeout. The Trimble application is useful in the control of site operations; the app is used to transmit information about site operations and helps in the creation of reports.

Construction companies do attract huge profits, and the reason you should get into one right now is that technological innovations have simplified every aspect of construction. What’s more, the interest rates have remained considerably low in the recent past, and banks are also eager to lend out business loans and companies with real possibilities of returns.

Trimble Total Station Helps Contractor

Here is the Top Trimble Total Station used by Contractor for Business in 2022.

1. Trimble total station M3 ($3,250.00)


The Trimble total station M3 is the perfect tool to get the job done; it is lightweight and compact, with features that facilitate ease of movement. Trimble total station features an easy-to-use interface, enabling powerful data collection via the provided access field software. The Trimble total station will give you topography information, surveys, and staking, among others.

The Trimble total station price varies with the different vendors, but for the M3, the prices range from $1800 to $7999. Trimble total station also enables a streamlined workflow, whereas the Trimble access road module incorporates powerful tools that help simplify road stakeout projects.

Trimble Total station also features a long-range DR technology that simplifies instrument setup so that contractors can reach their desired configurations.

Lightweight, compact and streamlined, the M3 Total Station provides everything you need to get the job done right in demanding situations. Would you please read the M3 Total Station Brochure for more information?

2. Trimble total station S7 ($8,100.00)


The Trimble Total Station S7 is an all-in-one solution that can scan, image, and survey a construction site. The machine will capture all the data you might need from a site; what’s more, it can point clouds, create 3D models, and present highly accurate visual site documentation.

By adopting the Trimble total station s7, you will be able to know where your Trimble total station is every time via the Trimble locate to protect technology. The feature will also inform you when the Trimble has left a site.

The incorporated Trimble InSphere manager enables you to view its usage and updates the firmware, maintenance, and software requirements. The Trimble total station is compatible with a couple of software applications necessary to run your construction operations, such as the Trimble 4D control, Trimble Access Field software.

The Trimble Total station price for the S7 varies depending on the vendor though you should estimate it to be up to $26 250.

The S7 Total Station combines scanning, imaging, and surveying into one powerful solution. Now you only need one instrument on the job site to perform all your data capture. Create 3D models, high accuracy visual site documentation, point clouds, and more using the Trimble S7, Trimble Access field software, and Trimble Business Center office software. Would you please read S7 Total Station Brochure for more information?

3. Trimble total station S5 ($15,500.00)


The Trimble total station S5 is a power horse that will give you accurate results; it has all the necessary features for effective survey campaigns and measures further and faster with the incorporated DR Plus EDM.

Data capture and processing are enabled via the field to office solution. What’s more, is that the Trimble GNSS receivers allow a seamlessly integrated survey. 

The Trimble Total Station S5 features a Trimble Alltrak that will enable you to keep up-to-date with maintenance requirements, software, and firmware. And while in the office, Trimble will provide you with one software solution to handle your leveling, optical, and GNSS data.

4. Trimble Total Station S6 ($6,050.00)


The Trimble Total Station S6 is a state-of-the-art machine; for starters, its connection to the GPS is wireless. The Trimble can accommodate different detectors, and data transfer is seamless as it collects all the information in a single job file. The Trimble total station enables quick measurements and is effective for both active and passive tracking.

Some of the significant features of the S6 are that it enables a Bluetooth module, the MagDrive servo Technology ensures unmatched fast and smooth performance, among others. Trimble’s total station price for the S6 is $ 6 050.00 and depends on the different types of vendors.

The S6 Total Station provides the power and flexibility required by today’s Surveying Professionals. With the industry’s most advanced technology and available feature set, the Trimble S6 Total Station will meet the changing needs of your business, allowing your investment to go further. Would you please read the Trimble S6 Brochure for more information?

5. Trimble Total Station S3 ($4,050.00)

Trimble S3

The Trimble Total Station price for S3 is $ 5,200.00 regarding the vendor; the Trimble Total Station features a trustworthy technology guaranteed to give you accurate results. The machine incorporates the TSC2 Trimble handheld controller with unique but useful features; for example, it can be used in tough weather conditions without compromising quality.

Ease of use is facilitated by the featured Bluetooth technology, which obliterates the need for wires. Trimble Total Station S3 can be integrated with wifi, thus facilitating wireless networking to ensure that the transmission of data will be seamless.

The applications incorporated include mining, land surveying, tunneling, and railway surveying, among others.

The new Trimble S3 Total Station is backed by Trimble’s extensive and knowledgeable dealer network providing world-class training, service, and support to maintain your productivity. Whether you need to equip a new survey crew, replace older gear, or start a new office, the S3 Total Station can be depended on to get the job done well. Read Trimble S3 Total Station Brochure for more information.

6. Trimble Total Station C5 ($3,098.00)


For accurate results delivered promptly, the Trimble Total Station C5 is your companion. The Trimble features a powerful long-range EDM, onboard software, and a dual touch screen color display that will enhance your experience while providing accurate data. For you to get a precise and fast focus, the Trimble is Autofocus enabled powered by Nikon.

Even more interesting with the Trimble Total Station C5 is that you can get one that can be used in cold temperatures. The C5 will not waste much of your time as it quickly captures accurate measurements with minimal downtimes.

The Trimble Total Station price for C5 price is not readily apparent, but it is fair.

The C5 is tough and reliable with a user-friendly design. It limits user fatigue even as it stands up to the toughest worksite conditions. On a wide range of projects in diverse settings globally, the C5 is hard at work, quickly capturing accurate measurements and virtually eliminating downtime. Would you please read Trimble Total Station C5 Brochure for more information? 

7. Trimble SX12 ($35,000.00)

trimble sx12

Trimble SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow.

With the new SX12 scanning total station that integrates surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities, Trimble offers a single instrument for any surveying project.

The SX12 merges high-speed 3D laser scanning, Trimble VISION imaging technology, and high-accuracy total station measurements into the familiar field and office workflows for surveyors.


The SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow.

  • Collect survey data, VISION imagery, and high-speed scans easily with Trimble Access field software and SX12’s Lightning 3DM.
  • Process seamless with Trimble Business Center office software or with Trimble RealWorks Office Software for more advanced scan processing
  • Share with anyone using web-based Trimble Clarity
  • Relay on your equipment for years to come with the Trimble Service and Warranty Guarantee
  • Aim, measure, and mark effortlessly. A green focusable laster pointer yields the smallest spot size in the industry, just 6mm at 100m
  • Stay eye-safe without compromising laser visibility

8. Trimble SX10 ($21,900.00)

Trimble SX10

Trimble SX10 combines three traditional instruments into one! Now you can survey, capture images, and perform high-speed 3D scans with one piece of equipment. Loaded with Trimble’s Lightning 3DM technology, the SX10 has scanning ranges up to 600 meters and can capture up to 26,600 points per second.

Combine that with Trimble Vision technology, and you now have an instrument that can quickly and easily capture high-resolution images of your site. In addition, you will continue to get to work with Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center software.

Both software you are already familiar with and comfortably operate in. The Trimble SX10 will change the way you work!

Trimble also offers the SX10, which brings together the capabilities of a total station with 3D laser scanning. This is great for picking up survey targets and detail in the scene while also scanning and leading hybrid products on the market.


  • Combines surveying, imaging, and high-speed 3D scanning in one revolutionary solution.
  • Trimble’s high accuracy Lightning 3DM technology provides a scanning range up to 600 m and the smallest spot size in the industry-a mere 14 mm at 100 m.
  • Utilizes Trimble Lightning scanning technology to scan up to 26,600 points per second captures a full-dome scan in as little as 12 minutes.
  • Improved Trimble VISION™ technology allows for fast and easy capture of high-resolution site imagery.
  • Complete integration with familiar workflows of Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center Software.

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Starting a construction company is not a walk in the park, and one has to do thorough research before venturing into this line of business. Financial and human resources have to be in order if you plan on reaping from the market. Check on issues that deal with company registration and insurance to determine whether you can the available funds will suffice or you will need to involve investors.

Innovative solutions help make work more comfortable and improve productivity; therefore, as you start your construction business, adopt the latest tools such as the Trimble Total Station to help grow the construction business. The Trimble Total Station Price varies, so you will have to pick the best that suits your needs.

Geomatics Land Surveying provides the most extensive selection and the best prices on Trimble Total Station. Geomatics Land Surveying provides solutions for global customers from governments, schools, construction projects, and transportation. We are committed to providing different equipment such as Trimble surveying equipment, Trimble GPS systems, and Trimble laser scanners to give you a better understanding of your site and increase efficiency.

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