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Used Trimble Equipment

The land is a very crucial element for living creatures. But, when it comes to humans, it has more value as compared to other living organisms. Every human being lives in the land, but, in recent times, a human has developed a system in which an individual has land ownership.

In ancient times, people were using the land that they could be able to work on without being asked anything. This means that these people would be the owners of that land they worked on. However, due to the high population that is searching for where to settle, they need to own a piece of land. As a result, the issue of land surveying emerged to ensure that everybody acquires ownership of the property. What is this land surveying? This will help you know the kind of people you are neighboring. Below is what is meant by land surveying;

What Is Land Surveying?

Land Surveying

Measurement and mapping of the surrounding environment through the use of mathematics with specialized technology and equipment is known as land surveying. It can also be known as the technique, science, and profession that are used to determine three-dimensional points of locations and distances with the angles between them. These surfaces that are measured are on the earth’s surface, and they are the once that are vital in establishing boundaries, especially for locations, ownership, and other purposes required by civil law like the property sales.

Land surveying has been one of the most preferred elements when it comes to the development of the human environment. This is because it has been used over the past decades due to the historic recordings from the beginning. It is a requirement in the planning and execution of most forms of construction. It is also used in communication, transportation, mapping and defining legal boundaries and for research in scientific disciplines. However, any person cannot just achieve all these; therefore, the professional who does these tasks is called a land surveyor. Therefore, below are the purposes of these land surveyors and how they work:

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How Do Surveyors work?

First of all, as a land surveyor, you can work in the office and the field. This exposes both methods and techniques used in surveying. Before taking you through how they work, here is what they do when they are either in the field or in the office.

Here is what the land surveyors do

As a professional that is academically qualified to be a surveyor, they can conduct the following activities;

  • Determination, measurement, representation of the land, the objection of three dimensional, pointing fields and trajectories.
  • I am assembling and interpreting land geographically related data information.
  • Use the above information in planning and the proper administration of land, water bodies and other structure within the surface
  • Conduct research based on high activities and ensure that they develop them.

Having known what they do, here is how they work based on the field and in the office:

Out in the area, the land surveyors work by using the recent technologies in the field. These include a GPS with a higher order, total robotic stations, and aerial and terrestrial scanners. This is to ensure that an area is mapped and computation and photo taking as the evidence marked.

Back in the office, the land surveyors work using sophisticated software. This software includes auto cad that they use in the drafting of plans and measurements of the map on site. They work on a variety of projects that are diverse. That is from the subdivision of land, mining exploration, through tunnel building, other major constructions, and this means that there are no two days that are the same. Apart from being experts when it comes to size determination of land and measurement, they also give advice. Besides, they also provide information that guide the engineer’s work, architecture, and developers.

Used Trimble Equipment Category

Used Trimble GPS:


Used Trimble GPS are systems that are more reliable having advanced features with higher accuracy. It is a product of the Trimble that is a leading provider for precision types of equipment used in surveying. It also deals with construction and in civil engineering. And it is one of the deserved reputed designs manufactured with full features that make it affordable for surveying. As a result, this makes it offer superior functionality with intuitive operations. All these might be a demand in any precision survey application. This system is being used around the world daily due to its high accuracy. In addition to these, they provide the engineers with demand on work sites. If you are planning to purchase one of the surveying tools to use. Then Trimble GPS is the tool to go for used Trimble equipment, and you will like the results you will get.

Used total stations:

A used total station is an electronic or an optical instrument used for surveying and constructing buildings. Its design is in a way that it is linked with an electronic distance measurement. This is for measuring vertical and horizontal angles. Besides, it also measures the distance for a slope from the instrument itself up to a certain point. Thus, this enables the computer on board to collect data and calculate triangularly. It allows the operator to also control the instrument itself from a distance through using a remote control. This helps in eliminating the urge for requiring an assistant staff to operate and manage the used total station from the point observed.

Used data collectors:

A used data collector is one of the most advanced data collectors manufactured by Trimble that is available in the market in the present time. These are in general world job sites. Because of their accuracy and reliability that is consistent, thus, they provide reliable results for operation. Therefore, to get the best Trimble surveying equipment tool that will give you the desired effect you need, then Trimble used data collectors is the best. It is one of the products from used Trimble equipment.

Used 3d laser scanning:

trimble laser scanner

Used 3d Trimble laser Scanner is one of the surveying tools that are increasingly becoming a favorite tool in the collection of a large amount of spatial data. Especially within a short period. As a result, this feature has made this tool to be more popular within surveying fields. The fields include archeology and film companies where onsite time is usually restricted. They are designed to collect millions of single-point measurements within minutes. After which the data plotted in an XYZ coordinate system that will form a cloud point of the external object surface. From these data collected, a 3d dataset created will be for in visualization, planning, and modeling in 3d.

On the other hand, the point clouds formed can be exploited to take any number of measurements. This is without being involved in the physical practice of measuring sites. 3d laser scanner from Trimble is the best surveying equipment to go for especially under used Trimble equipment. This because it comes with the highest, accurate and reliable features. These make it provides the most desirable results and demands to the land surveyor.

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Top Used Trimble Equipment for Sale

1. Trimble EZ Steer

Trimble EZ Steer is an assisted system of steering that provides a portable hand-free operation mechanism. This is primarily for farm vehicles. Because of this, below are the features that make it more unique and accessible than other models:

  • It allows for manual steering when the assisted steering is not engaged.
  • It provides the operator with a hand free guidance
  • It uses the technology of terrain compensation, especially in difficult terrains.
  • I can be installed quickly and transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

The equipment is designed in a way that is compatible with all Trimble models displayed.

And it is a piece of ideal equipment for extended care where certain positions are not required. 

Trimble EZ Steer makes it easy by turning the steering wheel to enable the combination of a motor and a friction wheel. It can also combine with Trimble display guidelines. And its advantages are that it reduces fatigue as it increases the safety of the operator. I also operate for twenty-four hours either in durst or in low visibility terrains. Thus. This is one of the Trimble types of equipment to go for used Trimble equipment in the market.

2. Trimble 750

Trimble 750 display provides key precisions required for agricultural functionalities such as Guidance and mapping and this included coverage, line, pointing, and mapping of the area. It also has manual advice for the patterns of the field. Or it can also be used together with the EZ steer to provide a hand free guidance. It also helps in planting and pest or nutrient management. It has plant input control capabilities like monitoring of seeds, high boom control and automated control of section. Additionally, it has farm management software that has a wireless data transfer. This is in between the farm office and the field using Trimble agriculture software. This also helps in the analysis of data, access mobiles and provides reports. Thus, this is why it is a crucial ragged construction tool for use in the field.

3. Trimble R2

Trimble r2 is a compact, durable GNSS receiver designed to provide a solution that is easy to use for GIs and surveying professionals. This is mainly in those who want to collect more accurate data in a wide range of geospatial applications. It is capable of delivering data accuracy that is between the submeter and the centimeter. This is a positioning that is in real-time compared to the mobile device through a wireless connection. Or through an r2 receiver that provides flexible data to choose a solution based on the accuracy of the GNSS performance level. This suite the application you are using. Advantageously, this will enable you to operate in the way you want. If you go to the market, the Trimble r2 model is the surveying equipment to select under used Trimble equipment. This is if you want more precise and accurate information.

4. Trimble R10

With Trimble r10, you can collect more accurate data even faster and easier irrespective of the working site or the environment you are in. It comes with powerful technologies integrated into a design of sleek. It provides the surveyor with powerful ideas of increasing data collection and productivity in a single work due to its features. These features are listed below:

  • When used with a powerful 672 channel solution, it offers the best and accurate satellite tracking.
  • It also designed to improve protection against sources of interference and those spoofed signals.
  • It can also be connected to any iOS mobile or android supported applications through Bluetooth.
  • Its design has features that help in pole tilt compensation. This is by measuring the points that were inaccessible with complete quality assurance. And it also ensures less downtime while the surveyor is in the field by continuous rtk coverage in the connection outages from vrs networks.

5. Trimble S6

Trimble s6 is a hundred percent total station that is free of robotic. It has the latest features with modern technologies that will help you increase your productivity thus high profitability. They are not limited to the following:

  • Laser pointers
  • Trimble multitask target
  • Trimble GPS search
  • Megadrive servers
  • Direct reflex reflectorless

All these features will ensure that you get the most accurate data while in the field. To add, this equipment has importance in the area daily. However, the model from Trimble manufactures is the equipment to purchase. This is because its design has unique features that make it more popular in the market. Thus, buying it will guarantee a wide range of accurate data in the field. Therefore, the Trimble s6 is the equipment to have as a land surveyor. This will have your demands achieved with higher productivity resulting in more profits.

6. Trimble Geo 7x

Trimble geo 7x is handheld with a Trimble access software making it be a complete solution. It is designed to make easier both the handheld point measurements and high accuracy. Besides, it also makes the entire process more efficient and flexible during the survey. Its design has unique features that make it more efficient for surveying, and they include:

  • Coding features that are easy to use.
  • Features for calculating points and characteristics that are graphical ago
  • Detachable geo 7x rangefinder accessory that is merely a point and shoots to get the position,
  • Real-time data shared between the field and the office.

7. Trimble S7

Trimble s7 is designed to combine imaging, scanning, and surveying into one great solution. Now instead of carrying many tools and equipment to the job site, you will only need to bring with you a Trimble s7. This is just a single, therefore; you will have all your data captured. It creates 3d models, point clouds, accuracy for visual site documentation and more. This is when you use a Trimble s7 access field software and the business office software. Additionally, it also allows you to view usage and keep up on software and requirements for maintenance.

8. Trimble TSC3 Data Collector

Together with Trimble access software, Trimble TSC3 is a handheld field solution for computing. It streamlines the flow of day by day surveying work and the number of devices that a land surveyor might need while in the field. The instrument’s design has unique features that make it more efficient for streamlining everyday surveying work. These installed features include the following:

  • Integrated camera
  • A real-time communication system, and;
  • The purpose builds design.

Therefore, this surveying instrument from Trimble is the one to purchase. If you want your daily surveying activities are streamlined into a steady flow.

9. Trimble R8

The Trimble r8s has a receiver that gives you the features with the benefits that you may need. All these are in a single flexible, scalable system so that you can be able to build any tailored system for your job. And the best part of it is that it can always adapt as your requirements keep on changing. Meaning, you can just add functionality anytime you feel you need it.

10. Trimble SX10

Trimble sx10 redefines the capabilities of day-by-day survey equipment. This is by providing the world’s latest innovative solutions that are needed. For example in surveying, scanning and engineering professionals. If you get it, you will have your way of working changed. Because it is capable of collecting all combinations of higher density 3d scan, enhance Trimble vision, imaging and accuracy for total station data. Thus, it allows you to capture only what you need. This will save your time and money that you could have used in the work site on every task.

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In Conclusion

It is, therefore, that each to equip themselves with the latest Trimble working instruments and tools. Thus, the above-previewed product s are critical in surveying. This is because they provide the land surveyor or the engineering demand. This will make it even more comfortable when it comes to determining the size and location of certain land. If you want to carry out a survey and you are looking for the equipment, you should always go to Geomatics Land Surveying for used Trimble equipment.

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