Trimble C5 Mechanical Total Station

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Trimble C5 mechanical complete stations come standard with autofocus technology and premium-quality Nikon optics.

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Trimble C5 is Your efficient and accurate way to work

Precise Autofocus. Superior Optics. Accurate Results.

Trimble C5 for sale

Trimble C5 is lightweight and compact, which eases storage, transportation, and configuration. It’s designed to deliver outstanding results; count on her to do at the highest level, at the highest levels.

The Trimble C5 is the newest total mechanical station in the Trimble Inc. product range. The tool provides many features unique to luxury geodetic instruments at a very affordable price. The Trimble C5 standard features two color touchscreens for the first and second position performance, autofocus, strong non-reflector rangefinder, anti-inflammatory technology and unauthorized access Trimble Locate 2 Protect and Trimble Access area applications with rich performance. Trimble C5 Combine in a compact and robust housing with a level of security IP66.

The new Trimble C5 mechanical complete station completes the business’s top portfolio using productivity-boosting, time-saving features that make fieldwork Simpler and Faster

Autofocus technology

Trimble C5

The Trimble C5 mechanical complete stations come standard with autofocus technology and premium-quality Nikon optics. Trimble C5 reduces time in the area with improved measuring speed and the maximum electronic distance measuring (EDM) range of any Trimble conventional instrument.

Users may also protect their investment with a discretionary Trimble L2P (Locate2Protect) for asset security to find stolen, lost or lost equipment, in addition to the discretionary Trimble AllTrak place technology for asset management to track and manage job site tools.

Trimble’s field and office applications

The new C-Series total channels integrate seamlessly with Trimble’s field and office software. With Trimble Access applications, surveyors can harness the complete potential of the C-Series through intuitive, step-by-step data collection in the area.

The C5 includes Trimble Access applications on-board. The C3 provides an option to run the tool with its onboard software or Trimble Access to a handheld controller such as the Trimble TSC3. At the workplace, Trimble Business Center empowers users to plan and generate customer deliverables quickly.


Trimble C5 Mechanical Total Station MANUFACTURER INFORMATION


  • Autofocus enabling precise and fast focus
  • Powerful long range EDM
  • Dual color touchscreen displays
  • L2P (Locate2Protect) security location technology
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged system design
  • Onboard Software: Trimble Access
  • Prism Accuracy: 2.0 mm + 2 ppm Prism / 3.0 mm + 2 ppm DR
  • Range: 5,000 m to prism / DR 800 m




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