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About Geomatics Land Surveying



Welcome to Geomatics Land Surveying. We began our company in 2008 to supply a comprehensive package of surveying and mapping services and products to a wide range of industries. You can find our headquarters in Singapore though we have some branches in America, Asia, and Europe.

Geomatics Land Surveying provides solutions for a global customer from governments, school, construction project, and transportation. We are committed to providing different equipment such as the Trimble surveying equipment, Trimble GPS systems, and Trimble laser scanners to give you a better understanding of your site and increase efficiency.

Why choose Geomatics Land Surveying?

Trimble Surveying equipment

We are one of the largest Trimble Surveying equipment distributors. We understand how important your job is to you. We, therefore, take pride in providing you with dependable software and equipment to help you achieve precision. You should choose Geomatics Land Surveying because we aim at generating the most exceptional value to you.

We provide you with advanced technologies that have a significant impact on your work due to our experience in the field. For instance, we supply the Trimble total station robotic to help you meet your surveying needs with ease.

Surveyors in different parts of the world trust the Trimble devices for their high performance, and we provide them to help you remain productive in your field. We aim at streamlining your workflow by providing you with precision robotics and support services.

We also professionally offer our services, respecting your resources and time as our client. Our joy is to help you optimize your productivity through different projects. We use the leading edge technology to help surveyors deliver good output to their clients while making good decisions. We can also help you boost the collaborating capabilities between the site and office so that you don’t have to keep on revisiting the site to analyze data.

Our company can help you address the unique challenges you face in the field through Trimble equipment. The Trimble products we provide can help you boost accuracy, precision and low operating costs. They save you from additional expenses when working on different projects by providing versatility.

Geomatics Land Surveying also prioritizes on your safety. We offer equipment that is not only effective but also safe to use to minimize accidents while working. You, therefore, get rich, accurate data without the risks of accidents from work.

With the help of Trimble equipment, your field data collection can be a simple process. The powerful software programs we provide can help you process and analyze the data with ease so that you can get accurate results and eliminate guesswork and making assumptions. We equip the mobile workforce with user-friendly software to accommodate even beginners in different fields.

If you are in the construction or engineering field, you need to check out different products from Geomatics Land Surveying to choose one that matches your needs. Our different branches increase accessibility to our customers. Most of our customers also praise us for excellent customer service. You can receive help from our customer support for you to learn more about our services and products. Transform your projects into a success with the help of Geomatics Land Surveying.

The Story

By rendering Superlative Support and Superior Service, Geomatics Land Surveying is changing the game. As one of the largest distributors of Trimble GPS systems, Trimble data collectors and Trimble laser scanners, we have a renowned reputation throughout the industry of mapping and surveying.

Since 2008, we here at Geomatics Land Surveying have been providing governments, schools, construction management crews and transportation teams with the most excellent Trimble surveying equipment available. Our Trimble total station robotic is particularly popular, as it provides a comprehensive and creative solution for architects and designers.

A commitment to innovation is what sets us apart from others, and through the implementation of ingenuity, we cater to a wide range of industries. Though headquartered in Singapore, we have established locations throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe to provide a world-class experience for our customers.

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