How Trimble Guidance Systems Help Farmers in agriculture?

Trimble Guidance Systems

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If the world is the central stage, then the main aspect revolving around the same would be the agricultural industry. This situation has been there irrespective of a different era, style, and lifestyle changes. A few years back, the condition of agriculture was difficult, and farmers were struggling to make it successful every year. However, with the help of Trimble Guidance Systems technology, the farmers see a new age of agriculture. The inventions in the areas of productivity, labor, and cost have helped and shown a new path to agriculture.

We have encountered several situations where most of the farmer families have advised their next generation to choose a career different from farming. Farming holds a massive amount of physical labor. Some crops require a lot more effort and time. This develops a lack of interest and voluntarism from the farmers resulting in a decline of plants in years. Now when we use the phrase “industrial farming,” we mean the modern era of farming or agriculture. With the help of advanced technologies, agriculture has also seen a leap in productivity. It has reduced labor intensity as well.

Technology has started changing the face of agriculture slowly with its new inventions in many categories. If one should categorize the latest technological devices in agriculture, we can sum up them as IT in agriculture, nanotechnology, soil, and water sensors. You can Use of GPS, robots, minichromosomal in agriculture, and irrigation system.


What is Trimble Agriculture Guidance display

Trimble agriculture guidance system specializes in display guidance suitable for various demands of precision farming. Trimble agriculture is equipped to solve multiple sophisticated technology challenges faced by the agricultural supply chain across the globe. These solutions are helping farmers and advisors to seek and use the scarce resources to produce a safe, and reliable food supply within an environmentally sustainable and profitable way. Trimble agriculture guidance system can use most of the equipment of farming, irrespective of their manufacturers. Guidance system also covers all seasons, crops, terrains, and farm sizes.

This specialized Trimble TMX-2050 display, which focuses on Precision-IQ application launch in the year 2015.

The company first invented the Trimble CFX-750 display to control all applications with auto-guidance Trimble steering solutions. Eventually, they also came up with a lighter version of the same in a competitive low-price, the Trimble CFX-750 Lite. Trimble CFX-750 Lite is also fully equipped to control all applications with all auto-guidance Trimble steering solutions in the future. It is beneficial for new farmers who are new to precision farming and this technology as well.

After these two inventions, Trimble came up with their latest invention Trimble TMX-2050 (as shown above) by 2015 end. Concentrating on the Precision-IQ application is already embedded in the standard display versions. However, the advanced version of this display has an intuitive workflow and is graphics-rich where the applications can customize with paradigm protocols, including Isobus for auto-guidance.

With this new invention, android based Trimble TMX-2050, the company has made the display more effective. Trimble TMX-2050 was adding more third-party software. The farmers can use this software on their mobiles for precise agriculture operations. All these new features include –

  • documentation-based software applications
  • work order
  • address implement error codes
  • diagnostic tools to identify fertilizer calibration charts and more for agriculture.

Solutions that Trimble AG Field provides

All the modern, technology-driven Trimble Guidance Systems that Trimble AG has invented, they offer three major farming solutions

• Field Solutions

The field solutions are mainly to implement driving efficiency and profitability in the fields. Field solutions provide for vehicles where guidance and steering apply with aspects like flow and application control; irrigation, drainage, and land leveling; harvest and yield monitoring. Major level of correction services to meet all needs accurately.

• Software

The Trimble AG software has provided farmers the tools that support in having better management decisions and driving profitability. Their new-age mobile-app has made life more accessible, and complicated stuff like tracking field records, implementing precision ag practices and measuring ROI.

• Services

Not only the products but Trimble’s AGRI-TREND coaches are a hands-on help who help in increasing the farmers’ profits with higher yields in lower costs. Trimble also has a Soil Information System which allows the farmers to access specific soil properties for every field. Soil Information from soil fertility, root zone depth, compaction, and soil texture.

How can Trimble Agriculture Help Farmers

Trimble Guidance Systems for Agriculture

GPS or Global Positioning System has earned the top position and proved a valued impact on modern agriculture. Along with GPS, GIS has also taken a massive part in inefficient farming. The involvement and uses of these two systems in site-specific or precision farming is enormous. We can take a look at some of them quickly

• Field mapping

• Soil sampling

• Farm planning

• Yield mapping

• Crop scouting

• Tractor guidance

• Variable-rate applications

There is a term “zero visibility case” in agriculture, which means the farmers need to continue their work even in a zero-visibility situation such as rain, darkness, fog, dust. It becomes difficult for the farmers also to see the field. GPS helps in these uncontrollable situations and let the farmers have break-free and less interrupted farming all year long.

Apart from these technical benefits of the Trimble Guidance Systems in agriculture, there are some simple and essential benefits which are taking agriculture in the next level:

• The usage of technology and machines have reduced the physical labor of the farmers

• It has helped in time management for the farmers as well

• With the help of technology and machines, farmers now know exactly how much water requirements for the crops

• Transferring of the crops/ products from one place to another has been easiest now

• Just like a sufficient amount of water, a sufficient amount of nutrients have also known to the farmers

• The synthetic chemicals have helped in controlling the pests in the farms

• Technologies like Trimble AG, soil fertility, has also been increased

• E-commerce has become a strong ground for farmers where they can buy and sell products at ease

• Use of fertilizers and chemicals has reduced as the farmers implement a lot of new techniques and methodologies for farming.

• The profit and cost balance has taken a new level, profit being more and cost reduced

Trimble Agriculture has helped the farmers in a few other ways as well

Controlled wheel traffic – The farmers know how to control the steering, and that saves

  • fuel,
  • stops compaction and
  • reduces the nitrox oxide emissions

What Trimble Guidance Systems available, and how can they help you?

1. Trimble cfx-750


Trimble CFX-750 is precision agricultural equipment which has some unique features which include

• It has mapping guidance through which one can map the surface area, line, points, and the coverage.

• It has hands-free guidance for Autopilot™ EZ-Pilot™, or EZ-Steer, steering systems. It also has manual guidance for several field patterns 

• It has a nutrient pest management and special planting, which is called Field-IQ Crop Input Control capacity. Control capacity along with automatic section control, boom height control, 2-product variable rate application control, and seed monitoring

• It can do Yield monitoring for grain crops along with load tracking and auto-cut width

• Farmers can transfer data wirelessly using the Trimble AG Software between the field and farm office

• It can be used for data analysis, mobile access and reporting as well with the use of Trimble AG Software

• Other products which are compatible with this tool are

  • Steering System,
  • Field-IQ Crop Input Control System
  • Yield Monitoring, and
  • Trimble AG Software

2. Trimble GFX-750


  • Trimble GFX-750 display is a new display which is sleek and easy-to-handle display from Trimble Agriculture.
  • It has a roof-mounted guidance controller which is automatic, and your car can be clean while you use this.
  • It has a large screen with a high definition touch screen. It is android based. Hence you can modify the display as per your work. 
  • It has NAV-900 Guidance Controller with one integrated and one external camera.
  • Trimble GFX-750 has a rugged construction which can be used in every farm work and can transfer between vehicles. It just takes half a day to install and half a day to learn all the nitty-gritty.
  • It can be connected with Bluetooth and wi-fi and is also compatible with ISOBUS. It has a Multi-constellation capability of Trimble RX, and it equips with BeiDou and Galileo corrections.
  • Trimble GFX-750 has CenterPoint RTX satellite-delivered correction services, position above than < 4 cm with less than 5 minutes initialization time in some regions.

3. Trimble FMX


  • Trimble FMX has all the required features in it, starting from guidance to steering, rate control to yield monitoring, everything. It has industry-leading performance and reliability.
  • Trimble FMX also has a large 12.1” touch screen and also a rugged display for everyday use at the farm. It has on-screen guidance LEDs, four video camera inputs, two built-in GPS receivers, and a spontaneous user-interface.
  • It is also GLONASS ready. It has mapping guidance through which one can map the areas, lines, points, and coverage. It has manually operated advice for multiple field patterns. It also has hands-free guidance for Autopilot™, EZ-Pilot™, or EZ-Steer steering systems.
  • This system has full capability of Field-IQ Crop Input Controller along with including automatic section control, six product variable rate application control, advanced seed monitoring and spinner speed control for spreaders
  • It equips with GreenSeeker® system that is Nitrogen sensing, and farmers can transfer data using Vehicle Sync in multiple vehicles in the same field.
  • The display also has implemented Combined row guidance with RG-100 and control with True Tracker™ and TrueGuide™ systems
  • It can do grain crops Yield monitoring along with auto-cut width and load tracking.
  • Regarding water management, this equipment has subsurface and Surface drainage with the WM-Drain™ system and levee installation and Land leveling with the FieldLevel II™ system
  • Farmers can transfer data wirelessly using the Trimble AG Software between the farm office and the field. It can be used for data analysis, mobile access, and reporting as well with the use of Trimble AG Software.
  • Compatible products with these products are Steering System, Field-IQ Crop Input Controller, WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution, FieldLevel II System, Yield Monitoring, and Trimble Ag Software.

4. Trimble TMX-2050


After all the hard work and a long day at the farm, anything complicated would be the last thing that you would want. Hence, something like Trimble TMX-2050 would be the best option.

  • Trimble TMX-2050 has a large and high-definition touch screen with sharp visions and various options of FmX® Plus or Precision-IQ™ display applications which is apt for your different field needs.
  • It is android based. Hence you can modify the display as per your work. Trimble GFX-750 has a rugged construction which can be used in every farm work and can be transferred easily between vehicles.
  • It has one integrated GNSS receiver,  and one built-in camera, however; is capable of supporting one additional camera.
  • It is also GLONASS enabled and is compatible with assisted steering and automated steering.
  • The display also has implemented control with TrueGuide™ and True Tracker™ systems and combined row guidance with RG-100 row guidance.
  • It supports SOBUS/TUVR and also has On-the-go VRA with GreenSeeker sensors.
  • Regarding water management, this equipment has Surface and subsurface drainage with the WM-Drain™ system and levee installation and Land leveling with the FieldLevel II™ system
  • It is Precision IQ compatible and FmX Plus compatible, including Field-IQ™ rate and section control and Yield Monitoring.

5. Trimble EZ-Guide-250


Trimble EZ-Guide-250 display with integrated GPS and EZ-Guide 250 can be used for manual guidance or with EZ-Steer Assisted steering.

  • It equips with a 4.3” color touch screen and rugged construction to use daily at the farm.
  • It has 15 in-built LED lights and one in-built GPS receiver. It has an intuitive interface which makes it super easy for the user to install and learn as well. 
  • Just because it is a display for the entry-level, the price is also at the entry-level; however; the performance is always high quality. It recommends for farmers who need the basic precision functionality for their agriculture. It is apt for a field which requires low-accuracy corrections. 
  • The tool has a USB Data Transfer facility using a USB drive between the field and the farm office and can also be used for reporting and data analysis with the use of Farm Works Software.
  • It has mapping guidance through which one can map the area, line, point, and coverage. The guidance for multiple field patterns can use manually. For EZ-Steer assisted steering systems, the hands-free guidance helps.
  • Compatible products with this tool are EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System and Farm Works Software.


Precision agriculture one of the many advances of technology that has given a modern helping hand to farmers and helping production growing more and more. With the help of precision agriculture, the farmers, and the field, both are working better and not harder.

Trimble Guidance Systems from Geomatics Land Surveying helps Farmers accurately monitor and map field info in real-time. Benefit from their industry-leading performance and reliability to complete field applications efficiently and quickly. Using a range of cost points and functionalities, you can select a display option which best fits your farming needs.

Technology would be much more involved in agriculture shortly. Farmers are gradually accepting precision agriculture and are implementing the same in their everyday work. We also hope that artificial intelligence is the next big thing to come into agriculture. It makes farmers happier and work less but in a smarter way. However, be it precision agriculture or artificial intelligence, none of these can take the decisions that the farmers make for their field or crops. However, it can make a more accessible and better way to implement those decisions.

Today, the farmers of our world are open to massive data. However, they are not sure about what they should do with this data or how to use them. Data analysis and reporting feature with precision farming allows the farmers to get the best results in short time. They understand how to utilize this data successfully. Ideally, the farmers can use this data to predict the best time to crop. They would also know the time of pest and diseases occurrences, inventory management, and yield predictions before harvesting.

Farmers are interested in precision agriculture. As they read and know more about the same, farmers are producing more food at a fraction of the cost. Farmers are even conserving soil for sustainable food production. Precision agriculture is making farmers happy, and that’s why farmers choose Trimble Guidance Systems. Those who invest in this technology are now able to supply solid food, increasing the ROI of agriculture business too.

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