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Trimble S7 is the ultimate system for efficient surveying, letting you adapt to almost any situation and increasing your productivity in the field and Produce 3D models, high precision visual website documentation

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Trimble S7 is a highly effective total station with all the features to optimize efficiency



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Trimble S7 complete station is the best solution for surveying that enables crews to remain productive and efficient, collecting data quickly and accurately, on a variety of jobs.

Replacing the S6, the Trimble S7 introduced in 2015 as part of a new line up (including the S5 and S9). The Trimble S7 promote as the”all-in-one” model with all the newest updated VISION technology, Locate2Protect assistance, and 3D scanning as standard options.


The Trimble S7 Total Station combines imaging, scanning, and surveying into one powerful solution. You only need one tool on the work site to carry out your data capture. Produce 3D models, high precision visual website documentation, point clouds, and more using the Trimble S7, Trimble accessibility ™ field applications and Trimble Business Center office computer software.

The Trimble S7 is the ultimate system for efficient surveying, letting you adapt to almost any situation and increase your productivity in the field. The combination of SureScan, Trimble VISION™, FineLock™, and DR Plus engineering, along with some different features, means you’ll have the ability to collect information faster and more precisely than ever before.


Integrated 3D Scanning

Now you have the flexibility to carry out feature-rich scans daily. Efficiently capture the information that you want to create digital terrain models (DTMs), execute volume calculations and create topographic measurements quicker than with traditional surveying methods. SureScan technology enables you to gather and process data faster by focusing on collecting the right points, not just more points


Improved Trimble VISION Technology

Trimble VISION technology provides you with the capacity to direct your survey with live video images on the control in addition to creating a vast array of deliverables from collected imagery. Instantly document your site and add notes straight to the pictures from the area to ensure you never miss this crucial information.

Superior Accuracy with Trimble DR Plus

Trimble DR Plus, range measurement technology, offers an extended assortment of Direct Reflex dimension without a prism. Now you can you quantify further with fewer tool set-ups and enhance your scanning functionality. Trimble DR Plus, together with the smooth and silent MagDrive™ servo technology, creates the unmatched capability for quick dimensions, without compromising on accuracy.


Stay On Point

Reduce aiming error, avoid costly re-measurement and be confident in your results using Trimble SurePoint™. The Trimble S7 Total Station aims and stays on goal through wind, handling, and sinkage, knowingly adjusting for undesirable movement ensuring precise pointing and dimension every moment. With its exclusive MultiTrack™ engineering and Target ID capacities, surveyors can decide on the sort of goal, passive or active, that best suits the job site conditions and be certain that they’ll find and lock into the proper target.

Manage Your Assets

Know where your total stations are 24 hours each day with Trimble Locate2Protect technology. See where your gear is at any given moment and receive alarms if your device leaves a job site or experiences unexpected equipment abuse or shock. Trimble InSphere™ Equipment Manager lets you see usage and keep up-to-date on firmware, applications, and maintenance requirements. Using Trimble Locate2Protect and InSphere Equipment Manager, you can rest assured knowing your gear is up-to-date and at which it ought to be.

Pick from a variety of Trimble controls operating the characteristic rich, intuitive Trimble Access area computer software. Streamlined workflows like Roads, Utilities and Pipelines manual crews through common job types, helping to get the job done quicker with fewer distractions. Trimble Access workflows may also be customized to satisfy your needs. Back in the office, expect Trimble Business Center to assist you to check, process and adjust your mind and GNSS data in 1 software solution.


Trimble S7 for sale includes :

– Trimble S7 DR Plus High Precision 2″ with Scanning, fine lock, Vision
– Trimble TSC3 with Access 2016.02 software and 2.4 GHz radio
– Trimble MT1000 Active Prism
– Trimble Back Sight Kit
– Charging Kit
– Chargers
– Cables (Hirose to Hirose)
– 3 Batteries
– Trimax Tripod
– Seco Carbon Fiber Prism Rod
– Crain Bipod
– Dutch Hill Tripod


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  • Surveying, imaging and 3D scanning in one powerful solution
  • Improved Trimble VISION technology for video robotic control, scene documentation and¬†photogrametric measurements
  • Locate2Protect real-time equipment management
  • Trimble DR Plus for long range and superior¬†accuracy
  • Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software
  • Trimble Business Center Offi ce Software for quick data processing


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Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station