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Welcome to our store! This web page contains Proprietary Rights notices and Conditions of Use for this site. By using this site, you accept these Conditions Of Use. If you do not agree to such Terms Of Use, please don’t use the website. Geomatics Land Surveying reserves the right to upgrade the Terms Of Use at any time without notice.


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What is Definitions and interpretation of your terms ?

“Contract” means That the contract for the Work Shaped byGeomatics Land Surveying Approval (which, however, made or communicated, shall be deemed made subject to these Conditions) of the Customer’s Purchase;

“Contract Year” signifies a period of 12 consecutive months, starting on the date of the Order or any anniversary of this Purchase;

“Client” means the Individual or firm placing an Order with Geomatics Land Surveying;

“Equipment” means any equipment consented to be marketed and/or hired out to the Customer by Geomatics Land Surveying

(including any part or parts of them);

“Intellectual Property” means all intellectual property rights including, without limitation, patents, registered designs and any rights to apply to the same, copyright, design rights, database rights, rights to confidential information and know-how and any rights akin to the Exact Same subsisting anywhere in the world at any time;

“Order” means the order placed by the Customer for the distribution of this Work;

“Quotation” means the rates quoted to the Client byGeomatics Land Surveying if in writing or orally, prior to the Customer’s Order;

“Service” means the support of fixing and/or maintaining safety and/or surveying gear and/or coaching provided by Geomatics Land Surveying to the Customer in accordance with the Order;

“Site” signifies the website at which work will be to be supplied;

“Work” signifies the

A. sale of the Equipment; or

B. hiring from the Equipment; or

C. provision of Services

“Geomatics” means Geomatics Land Surveying Limited.


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Warranty Details

Standard Warranty or Maintenance

All Trimble Mapping & GIS hardware products include a standard 1-year guarantee that’s included in the product’s list price. The guarantee protects your product against labor or faulty components and may be extended to a maximum of 3 years.


All Trimble Mapping & GIS software products include maintenance, which can be included within the product’s listing cost or 90 days. You’re entitled to install any new revisions of this software product which may be published inside your product’s maintenance period. Software care extensions can be found for the product up before the date that the item is discontinued.


If you do not want to incorporate a maintenance or guarantee extension with your product, please select Standard Maintenance radio alternative or the normal Warranty.


Geomatics Land Surveying instruments include a one-year parts warranty.


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Extended Warranty

Geomatics Land Surveying instruments include a standard one-year warranty. This could be extended to a maximum of three years, covering labor and parts. An extended warranty provides the security of knowing that prices, later on, can be avoided.


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What is Warranty Repair/Replacement?

Subject to the conditions of the limited warranty in effect at the time of purchase Geomatics Land Surveying will repair or replace a product that fails to satisfy the terms provided inside the product’s warranty period. Geomatics Land Surveying reserves the right to substitute any product using refurbished new or remanufactured product under warranty. For merchandise purchased directly from Geomatics Land Surveying by a dealer or an integrator, the warranty period begins from either a) the date of dispatch from GLS’ facility (point of origin) or b) the manufacturer’s date code (in case the dispatch date is unknown). Except for software products the guarantee period begins from the time that the seller or integrator purchase the item. Warranty periods vary based on product class and kind of gear, as revealed in Table 1 entitled”Product warranty periods” below.

We will return equipment or ship replacement equipment via the same incoming ship method at no extra cost. If you request a return boat method that is different, we will charge for the full delivery cost.


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Non-warranty Repairs

Repairs have been granted an extended warranty of 90 calendar days from the date of dispatch for all goods except for flame products, which can be granted an extended guarantee of one year from the date of shipment.

Buyer will be billed for non-warranty gear for all repairs and transport prices. For all non-warranty repairs, geomatics land surveying will provide a repair quote which includes charges for parts, labor (in half-hour increments) and shipping. You may pay for non-warranty repair charges by credit card or purchase order.


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Hardware Coverage Details

Hardware Coverage Details cover (Antennas, Control Units, GNSS Receivers, Handhelds, Levels, Radios, Tablets, Total Stations)

  • Protection against Hardware defects
  • Transferable possession
  • Protection against failure – includes damage usage Leading to equipment That Doesn’t function to specification
  • Protection against failure due to harm – contains dust, humidity, heat, and salt when used in accordance atmosphere equipment specifications
  • Surge protection – includes damage Because of a surge in Trimble power supplies
  • Annual Inspect-Clean-Calibrate allowance for Total Stations

*Cosmetic damage That Doesn’t affect product performance is not covered


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Shipping & Return

What is the shipping terms?

We ship everywhere WorldWide.


Geomatics Land Surveying understands that if you want something, you need it fast. Orders received is going to be sent that day when the product is currently in stock. That way, you can have the maximum amount of. With all our new online order tracker, you trace your order at every phase of the delivery and delivery procedure, check to track information, and can log in to your accounts.




You will be responsible for returning your product by paying for your shipping costs. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. If you receive a refund, then the expense of return shipping will be subtracted from your refund. A restocking fee may apply.


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How to Return ?

Not exactly what you wanted? A Simple Procedure is offered by us.

How to Return

After the RMA was issued, please wait for instructions before the yield has been processed, and keep a copy for your records. It’s your proof your return petition was approved.

When we’re informed for any problem regarding your order involving mistakes or requests for a market, returns will only be processed. Items are non-returnable In case your RMA request is received out the time limitation.

Please keep proof of shipping verification for your security.

Returns must be sent in their original state in which they were obtained packaging undamaged and invoices/packing slides. Returns must be packed for shipment.

Geomaticslandsurveying isn’t liable for delays in processing objects returned without an RMA or when not returned from our return process.

Handling fees freight and insurance aren’t refundable.

We’ll have to confirm proof of purchase. You’ve got three business days to contact us In the event you get a product that’s damaged, and we’ll fix the issue.


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What are the delivery times?

The delivery date is based upon managing time, the shipping service is chosen, and when we receive payment. In some specific cases, the delivery date will be different. By understanding the estimated delivery date, you are able to determine how much time it will take to get your item.

Express deliveries

FedEx, UPS Express Worldwide full tracking, 5-10 days


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Privacy & Policy

Information Collected or Received

We have access to/collect information which you voluntarily give us. We will not sell or lease this information. We’ll use your information to respond to you, concerning the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party.

We collect information, including Personal Information, from you when you register a product with geomatics land surveying, or submit a form or ask, such as name, physical address, the company for an email address, phone number and facsimile number. GLS may also ask you to offer information concerning the person/company that installed or keeps it or the product you’re registering.


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Use of Cookies

We use”cookies” on this website. Cookies can enable us to track and target the interests of our customers. If you would like, you may set your browser to refuse cookies.


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Privacy & Policy

What is Best Payment Method ?

Greatest Ways to Send Money Internationally

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  • PayPal

We accept PAYPAL. Utilizing TransferWise is possible.

Transferring via PayPal prices a minimum of 4.5percent when moving money across borders. MassPay, their cheapest method costs a 2% commission and then adds an extra 2.5% currency transfer fee.
If you send $1000 overseas you $45 charge. By using TransferWise, you are charged a maximum of 1 percent for no commission and the transfer for the currency exchange which means the total cost is $10. That’s a significant difference!

It is possible to use the credit card through TransferWise.com


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