Trimble 3D Scanning: Changing the Face of 3D Printing

Trimble 3D Scanning

Trimble 3D Scanning, also known as additive manufacturing technology, has certainly taken over the construction world and many other industries. The time and cost savings are indisputable — and the advanced technology tied to 3DP is helping to provide more detail and greater accuracy than ever before. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of today’s leading laser scanners.

Trimble 3D Scanning With Diverse Features

Before a 3D printer can do its work, it must have every millimeter of information possible — and it must be exact. Thanks to the ultra-precise line of Trimble 3D laser scanners, these fine details can be collected rapidly and shared with confidence.

Trimble offers a line of five scanners and two software packages. But how do you know which is best for your particular needs or project? It can be hard to know where to begin. Here is a quick overview of Trimble 3D scanning solutions that may help you narrow down your options.

  • Scanners: The company’s scanners include the SX10, TX8, Tx6, S7, and S9. Each offers features that make it ideal for a diverse collection of applications. For example, the Trimble S7 is specialized in high-accuracy applications. At the same time, the Trimble S9 combines total precision station, imaging, and 3D scanning for surveyors to take on their next project with the highest level of efficiency.
  • All-in-One System: Trimble SX10, the ultimate all-in-one system, can collect any combination of high-density 3D scan data along with its enhanced VISION imaging and high-accuracy total station data. This gives users exactly the information they need, right when they need it.
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Reliable Software Systems

On the other side of the product spectrum for Trimble is its software systems: RealWorks and EdgeWise. So what sets these two apart?

  • RealWorks: Trimble RealWorks 3D scanning software integrates 3D point and survey data to extract measurements, generate deliverables, and utilize inside 3D CAD software. Designed specifically for point cloud processing and analysis, it offers a holistic solution for those wanting to register, analyze, model, and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

No matter a project’s size, users with RealWorks, are ready: The system has one of the industry’s largest selections of point cloud processing tools, including registration, surface creation, surface-to-surface comparison, and modeling.

In the newest release, Trimble RealWorks Version 11, the system features an import and register tool, improved performance, and registration operations — especially with multi-core processors such as AMD Ryzen™. Also, the user interface has been made simpler; visualizations have been enhanced; improved matching is now available with target-based registration; drawing and modeling features have been boosted; and inspection reports have been improved.

  • EdgeWise: Trimble’s EdgeWise software serves as a complement to Trimble’s line of laser scanners as well as the RealWorks software; it offers users an efficient workflow that is end-to-end and provides accurate, BIM-ready models.

Using scanned point cloud data, EdgeWise detects structural elements automatically — from pipes and conduit to beams (even structural steel) and walls, windows, and doors — and then precisely models them with the dimensions and geometries in the system’s vast library. The rapid modeling uses libraries to ensure dimensions are industry standard. In addition, an intelligent model export to a CAD solution feature eliminates a user’s need to remodel and redefine the many attributes of a project.

“With the ever-increasing demand for intelligent models of structures and processing facilities, today’s geospatial professionals require highly automated solutions to process and extract information from 3D laser scanning data,” Trimble’s EdgeWise product managers note. “Trimble EdgeWise is an ideal solution to transform point clouds into actionable models quickly.”

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