How to Increase Productivity with Trimble Laser Scanner

Trimble Laser Scanner

Trimble laser scanner is just one of reconstructing 3D object models on the market. Surveyors can create 3D models to ease more or design effectively organize the construction process with high-quality scanning mode.

Increasing productivity and profitability

Used-trimble-sx10Are you working on a dangerous site that is not easy to access? Every surveying job needs precision, and the Trimble laser scanner ensures that you achieve this.

The process of Trimble 3D scanning involves steering laser beams using a laser rangefinder. The laser scanner helps you take measurements from a distance in every direction so that you can capture the shapes of different landscapes, buildings, or even objects.

To construct a 3D model, you have to combine different surface models that you obtain from viewing an object from different angles. Trimble 3d laser scanner helps you capture environments in 3 dimensions accurately and fast. As technology keeps on advancing, laser scanning services keep on growing. The scanner works by reflecting a beam of light from different angles. When the light touches a certain surface, it is recorded as data points.

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Capturing High-Resolution Data

One of the modern ways of 3d surveying is laser scanning. It is more accurate and fast compared to traditional methods. You also get more information meaning you work with fewer assumptions. Thanks to the laser scanner, different construction companies can work hand in hand with other engineers and architects.

Trimble is famous for generating products that bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. The Trimble software and hardware service industries like transportation, logistics, agriculture, and even construction. It makes challenges clear and allows you to perform a comprehensive data analysis. 3D scanning solutions enable you to solve problems and generate specific deliverables. We will take you through the best 3d laser scanner for surveying from Trimble. Read on!

3D laser scanning

This technology is changing the way the industry looks at 3D laser scanners. In the past, the equipment was bulky and expensive to purchase; therefore, a few specialists used it. Nowadays, such barriers have been broken, and the new technology has made the Trimble laser scanner smaller and cheaper than in the past.

The modern 3D laser scanner can capture data at an impressive rate. You can use this scanner to gather coordinated 3D laser points. It makes surveying easy and gives you quick solutions to complex details. After scanning the site or structure to form a survey image, you can process it using modeling software.

You can use the data you have used from the scanned image to conduct different applications. Surveying technology allows you to capture a lot of 3D data. Surveyors use this mechanism to measure facades, historic buildings, and heritage sites. Trimble 3D laser scanners also use in surveying projects such as highways and tunneling projects. They work better than traditional survey instruments.

When surveying with a 3D laser scanner, you don’t have to worry about running out of detail since the scanner automatically acquires the point cloud. It is your responsibility as the surveyor to determine the resolution to use before you can start scanning. Choose the resolution according to the space size you are measuring and the desired size of the details.

The clouds you acquire are linking to one another via the overlapping areas you acquire from various station points. The work of the hardware is to conduct a full scan both horizontally and vertically. It works differently according to the resolution you have chosen and the data quality you need. The clouds you get do not have color information of the desired object but only give you the geometric information.

What are the advantages of Trimble Laser Scanner?


Most 3D laser scanners are versatile and can be used in different fields to help professionals collect data. They can fix defects on some of the objects eliminating a lot of assumptions or guesswork. They can also provide real images of a location or a piece of land to help you make well-informed designs and calculations.


Their ability to provide clear scans at a high resolution makes them accurate. You can, therefore, increase productivity with Trimble 3d laser scanning solutions. A lot of companies are benefitting from 3D scanners and moving away from traditional equipment. Thanks to improved accuracy, they can be used to make topographic models, custom prosthetics devices, mechanic automotive bodies, and craft elements. They provide accurate models of a certain project before construction.

Easy to use

You don’t need additional expertise to use 3D scanners. The interface is simplified to help you capture scans easily. Different types are design for certain needs. For instance, in the field of architecture, you can use a 3D laser scanner to superimpose a certain building image with precise specifications so that you can display how the project will turn out after completion.

In fields such as surveying, laser scanning technology reduces field time since you can review your results on a computer without revisiting the site. It increases understanding and visibility.

Benefits to clients

The laser scanning technology is beneficial not only to professionals but also to clients. It decreases the cost of the project and minimizes rework. It also lowers the overall risk and eliminates the need to keep on revisiting the site.


The cost

Some 3D laser scanners cost a fortune. This can hinder small businesses from enjoying their benefits. Compare different types to get one that is reasonably priced to help you fulfill your needs.


Buying some 3D laser scanners from public department stores is hard. They are mostly found in private corporate companies. This is a limiting factor for some people.

3D Laser Scanning Total station

3D Laser Scanning Total station

A lot of professionals are torn between getting a laser scanner or a total station. If you are a concrete contractor dealing with slab flatness analysis, you need to choose a total station instead of a laser scanner.

A total workstation does not require a lot of expertise to use. You only need some basic information to utilize it, such as knowing how to orient and relocate. You can use these basics to operate a total station.

The scanning station is fast when it comes to collecting manual data for slab flatness. It also allows you to obtain more data when doing slab flatness than relying on a manual laser scanning total station.

If you are a general contractor performing numerous tasks, you can choose a Trimble laser scanner. This lets you capture data scans on large areas. You can use it in a pre-construction for a renovation project. Let us look at one of the most useful 3D laser scanning total stations.

What are the benefits of using a laser scanning total workstation?


The total workstation comes at a cheaper cost compared to the 3d Trimble laser scanner. It performs both imaging and collecting data scans saving you from getting separate devices for the job.

Requires minimal training

The workstation places the laser scanner inside the station’s telescope. This makes you capture the data organically so that you don’t add any steps to the workflow. The processing software is also easy to use, and you don’t need a lot of training to operate it.

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Here is the Trimble Laser Scanner offered by Geomatics Land Surveying for your Project.

1. Trimble TX8 ($19,500.00) -The “intelligent” 3D laser scanner

Trimble-TX8Do you need a laser scanner that allows you to complete your scanning projects fast? Choose the Trimble TX8 laser scanner. It offers good performance thanks to its high speed in scanning to provide accurate and consistent results. You not only scan fast but also get clean scans.

With this machine, you become confident of completing your projects successfully. It is used in areas such as engineering, forensics, construction, and civil survey. The Trimble laser scanner comes with numerous features that increase its productivity.


Integrated HDR camera

You can quickly capture images to colorize the scans thanks to the high dynamic range camera, which has a resolution of 10 MP. You can use the Trimble RealWorks to create sections, profiles, volumes, and different measurements by capturing high-resolution details. The scanning speed of this device is 1 million pts per second. It also provides a scan time of only three minutes.

Integrated WLAN

This feature facilitates wireless remote operation from different mobile devices such as Android and Windows. The laser scanner makes use of lighting technology which makes it accurate and fast. It can efficiently manage demanding environments and provide reliable operation.

High-quality data

The laser scanner can capture superior data even when the sun is bright. The manufactures fit it with a protected mirror for it to obtain data even in harsh conditions. It has a rugged design and an IP54 to protect the device from water and dust. This makes it suitable for demanding surroundings such as quarries and mines.

The laser is eye-safe making it suitable for busy places. It does not compromise the quality of scans. With minimal setup, you can finish your project without experiencing a lot of setbacks. It provides both rich and clear data giving you true performance in the real-world environment.


Unlike other laser scanners, this gives you versatility due to its long-range capacity. It can work from an extended range of 340 meters, meaning you can work on more than one project. You can upgrade your laser scan to operate from a range of 120 to 340 meters. The scan range makes it suitable for scanning different regions. It also comes with a WIFI remote control.

It is light and easy to use

The user-friendly onboard interface also makes it easy to operate, minimizing the start-up time. You will not also encounter complex parameters. The laser scanner weighs about 11 kg which makes it more portable than traditional devices. The laser scanner uses lithium batteries that increase its durability. You don’t have to worry about not having enough power to operate when you are at the site.

2. Trimble TX6 ($16,500.00) -An accurate and fast laser scanner


Get a medium-range 3D laser scanner that can capture details in different fields such as forensics, public safety, and building. Thanks to this technology, law enforcers can scan crime scenes and accidents.

You can also work with it in an office as it provides low noise data and clean scans. It minimizes processing time and makes work easy. The data you receive loads into Trimble Real Works software. You can also pair the laser scanner with Real Works to allow data to flow into programs such as the CAD.

The Global 3D laser scanner market features scanners at different prices. This Trimble laser scanner is one of the cost-effective types that lets you collect 3D data at an exceptional speed.

The scanning speed of this laser scanner is 500 k per second. It has a scan time of five minutes, making it easy for you to work on different projects. The high speed of scanning enables you to get consistent and accurate scans over the full scan range.

This laser scanner performs well as it is equipped with a mirror that rotates vertically and has a rotating base. It also allows you to capture data while keeping your eyes safe so that you can use it in busy public places. The scan pause function prevents your device from emitting noise during operation.

You can use the provided remote control with the Trimble tablet through the USB cable. If you compare this laser scanner with others, you will see that this provides superior performance. Just like Trimble TX8, this laser scan comes with an inbound interface that is easy to operate.


High-quality data

The data that this laser scanner captures is clean and of high quality. The setup is an easy process to eliminate confusion. The scanner reduces the start-up time and helps you get quality data within a short period.

Trimble vision technology

The laser scanner manufacturers equip it with Trimble vision technology, which helps you capture images fast with a minimal impact on the field productivity. It uses the HDR camera, which has a ten-megapixel resolution.

Effective ranges

You can select different ranges to work with. The standard meter range is 80 though you can upgrade it to an extended range of 120m. The extended range matches the scan range of the previous model Trimble TX8.

Easy to use

This also comes with an onboard interface that is user-friendly. You can easily use it so that you work on your projects without wasting time. It does not come with lighting conditions making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations. Unlike traditional surveying instruments, this is a lightweight device that you can easily move from one station to the next.

Essential performance

The scanner provides high-speed scanning and gives you consistent and accurate 3D scans over a full scan range. It can scan both the interiors and exteriors of a building and capture the details of heritage landmarks.

3. Trimble SX10 ($21,900.00) -3D Laser Scanning Total Station


Do you have a demanding job that needs accuracy? Make use of this laser scanner that increases productivity to take your scanning capabilities to a new level. It is not conventional survey equipment since its abilities surpass those of a traditional survey device.

The manufacturers of this device are aimed at providing you with an innovative solution for your surveying needs.

This can collect high-density scan data and provide Trimble vision imaging. The data you receive is accurate such that you can capture the exact scan that you require. It can save you both money and time in your job.

It is a device that works well in the forensic field since a professional can make remote measurements safely without interfering with the crime scene. The Trimble SX10 works for hand in hand with the GNSS system and the survey workflows. It is equipped with the Trimble business center software. Both hardware and software are easy to use.


Lightning 3DM technology

Thanks to this feature, you can capture both total station measurements and high-speed scans in one instrument. It combines imaging and surveying in one solution. The technology also provides a range of up to 600 m.

The Trimble laser scanner also utilizes lightning scanning technology to help you scan numerous points. It can scan more than 20,000 points per second. It captures scans within a few minutes, saving you time and giving you a chance to work on different projects.

Trimble vision technology

The resolution of the 3D data scans you receive from the laser scanning total station is high. The station provides you with easy and fast imagery. It also provides additional context for your measurements to don’t keep on making more trips to the field. The intelligent integration facilitates easy lidar scanning.

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The Trimble laser scanner has transformed the way people used to collect data in the past. It is now easy to get many accurate details using these scanners compared to using traditional equipment. It has refined the capabilities of surveying equipment by giving us creative solutions to complex tasks.

Incorporate this technology into your business today and increase productivity. Buy  Trimble Laser Scanner from Geomatics Land Surveying

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