Trimble RTS 773 Robotic Total Station

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Trimble RTS773 brings precise and quick measurement performance and also delivers accurate and reliable designs to ensure that design intent is implemented correctly the first time.

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Trimble RTS 773 incorporates innovative technologies to provide accurate and trustworthy layout fast–providing you the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects and ensuring that the design intent is implemented the first time correctly.

Trimble VISION replaces the monitor light on the RTS unit using an integrated digital camera which can be operated remotely with the Trimble Tablet. Using this tablet, users can view and record the actual job site condition from the perspective of the RTS773 while performing design, collecting information or generating domain accounts.

The Trimble RTS 773 provides construction-specific performance and one-person operation. View and document actual job site conditions from the entire station when performing layout, collecting information, or creating field reports. Set-up anyplace faster, and perform dimension tasks and layout yourself with the easy-to-follow user interface. Trimble RTS 773 combines the DR HP Precision EDM using Trimble VISION providing you with the flexibility to choose construction layout and field jobs to the next level.

The Trimble RTS 773 comprises Trimble VISION, an integrated camera at the robotic total station that offers a”through the telescope perspective” remotely via the Trimble Tablet and Trimble Field Link. This total station use for specialty and general contractors that require quality, accuracy, and optimum field performance. Surveyor also can Increase Productivity with Trimble Laser Scanner


For building applications and Surveying Equipment, you need a measurement option with optimum speed, precision, and dependability. Combine the Trimble DR HP Precision EDM with Trimble VISION, and you have the flexibility to handle the most demanding projects. Want to Get Special Price? Contact our Customer Service.


  • Trimble VISION having an integrated digital camera
  • View and document real job site requirements from the standpoint of the total station when performing design, collecting data or generating field reports
  • One individual layout
  • Robotic communication link — 2.4 GHz radio
  • Robotic radio communication range — 500-700 m (1,640 — 2,297 feet )
  • Measuring range (single prism) — 2,500 m (8,202 ft)
  • Distance measurement accuracy (prism style ) — +/-2 mm + 2 ppm (0.01 ft + 2 ppm)
  • Reflectorless DR measuring — 120 m
  • Angle precision — flat: 3″ (1.0 mgon), vertical 2″ (0.6 mgon)
  • Visible verification with data overlay and photo verification
  • MagDrive technology for maximum speed and efficiency
  • MultiTrack technology offers the choice between passive and active monitoring

Sale Includes:

  • Trimble RTS 773 Robotic Total Station
  • Trimble MultiTrack Prism (MT1000) with prism pole and bipod, inc 7.4V Li-Ion battery
  • Trimble Kenai Tablet with (Global Radio) Kit
  • Two batteries with charger
  • Multiple Antennas
  • Trimble Field Tablet for MEP
  •  Tripod – Dual Clamp Tri-Max with Trimble Logos
  •  Trimble Bipod for Inverted Layout Rod
  •  Hard Case for the Total Station and prism
  • Various other cables, power supplies, and accessories.



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