Trimble TMX 2050 Guidance Display with FmX Plus

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Trimble TMX 2050 is the latest Android-based, easy-to-use display from Trimble Agriculture with offers great functionality and a simplified installation process, providing access to autosteering and application control for every farm.

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Trimble TMX 2050 is a new display built on the popular Android operating system, which offers an intuitive interface that enables farmers to implement precision agriculture solutions as their business grows easily. Its flexible software platform improves the ability for a customer to seamlessly add applications to their operations, while the modular architecture allows for future expandability.

Trimble has added several new third-party apps to its Android-based Trimble TMX-2050 display for precision agriculture.

The new apps fall into several categories, including:

  • Diagnostic tools to identify and address implement error codes.
  • Fertilizer calibration charts for various brands of spreaders.
  • Identification of nutrient deficiencies.
  • Planter adjustment recommendations for various planter brands.
  • PDF reader.
  • Work order and documentation-based software applications for agriculture.

Every new TMX-2050 display solution includes wireless connectivity allowing farmers to view ongoing field activities, real-time commodity prices, real-time weather conditions to guide irrigation and field deployment decisions, and other valuable task information in the Connected Farm dashboard. It also enables wireless data transfer of as-applied maps and other field activities such as planting, spraying, or harvesting, simplifying farm data files’ overall management and transfer.

The TMX-2050 display includes a multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of supporting Trimble’s RangePoint RTX and CenterPoint RTX correction services, as well as RTK and VRS technologies. The display features rugged aluminum construction, quad-core processing, and an integrated high-definition video camera.

Trimble TMX 2050 Features

  • Large 12.1” (30.8 cm) high-definition color touch-screen display
  • The Android-based operating system allows you to customize the display for the way you work
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use, meeting demands in harsh environments
  • One integrated GNSS receiver
  • One integrated camera with support for an additional external camera
  • Easy transferability between vehicles
  • Works with AutoSync

The TMX-2050 display is built to support growth for hardware, software, and Connected Farm services. With an intuitive user interface and an operating system suited for connectivity, the TMX-2050 display will provide optimal performance with the Connected Farm, an integrated operations management solution that facilitates information exchange across the entire farm.


The TeamViewer QuickSupport app is available now worldwide. It can be downloaded on the TMX-2050 display from the App Central marketplace, where users can download and install third-party Android-based mobile applications. Remote support requires both the TMX-2050 user and the Trimble reseller to install and license TeamViewer QuickSupport. Availability of this service may vary and is dependent on resellers’ implementation of the app. The mobile app is available free of charge to the TMX-2050 user.

The Trimble TMX 2050 display with FmX Plus and Precision-IQ license bundle comes standard with the FmX Plus & Precision-IQ app, and basic GNSS W/GLONASS is Auto Guidance capable.

It also supports or is upgradable to:

  • Autopilot, Autopilot Motor Drive, EZ-Pilot®, and EZ-Steer® systems
  • Implement control – TrueTracker and TrueGuide systems
  • NextSwath end-of-row turn technology
  • NextSwath connect
  • Row guidance
  • Serial Rate/TUVR support
  • On-the-go VRA with GreenSeeker® sensors
  • Water management – FieldLevel system and WM-Drain® solution
  • Field-IQ system  rate and section control
  • Yield monitoring
  • Precision-IQ compatible
  • Trimble Ag App Central
  • Internet connectivity, including OfficeSync
  • FARMSTREAM Fleet Manager

The display will ship with a recent firmware version, but as the firmware is constantly updated, check partners for the latest information on what features are supported in various versions.

TMX-2050 Android-based Applications

TMX-2050 Android-based Applications

Built on the Android operating system, the Trimble TMX 2050 display provides advanced GPS-based steering and machine guidance capabilities with an easy-to-use interface similar to other smartphones and tablets that farmers already use. With wireless connectivity and mobile applications on the TMX-2050 display, growers have unprecedented control over their field tasks and farm management operations without ever leaving the tractor cab.

Through the new Ag Developer Network, customers and developers will collaborate with Trimble to create Android-based applications to address more specialized precision farming challenges. New third-party mobile applications will be available for download from the App Central marketplace on the TMX-2050 display. Users will search and find the apps most useful to their farm operations, language, and regional compliance requirements.

Connected Farm File Transfer API

As a web-based solution, Connected Farm integrates data from multiple-precision farming technologies so growers can easily view information from field activities such as planting, spraying, or harvesting—without the need to physically visit each field or manually compile information.

Data from a wide range of machine makes and models combined with commodity markets data, weather forecasts, rainfall totals, and irrigation monitoring offer growers an easy-to-use platform for total farm management. Growers can access the integrated data on the Connected Farm dashboard using Web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The Ag Developer Network enables customers and third-party developers to engage with the Connected Farm Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for data sharing access with the Connected Farm. Third-party developers can use the APIs to send data files between their applications and Connected Farm, including prescription files, as-applied maps, boundaries, and other precision farming data.


  • Trimble TMX-2050, Display with FmX Plus and Precision-IQ license bundle.
  • TMX-2050 Display – Trimble
  • ASSY, TM-200 Module
  • Hardware Kit, Zirkona Mount
  • Ag15 antenna mounting plate
  • GPS Antenna Cable, 8M, TNC
  • Cable Assy, TMX/XCN-2050, Power-Battery to TM-200
  • Cable Assy, TMX/XCN-2050, Display to TM-200
  • Cable Assy, TMX/XCN-2050, TM-200 14 Pin Pwr, CAN & I/O
  • XCN/TMX-2050 Base Warranty (2 years)
  • Trimble TMX-2050 Adapter Kit
  • TRIMBLE Coverage Mapping Engage Rocker Switch

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