Trimble S9 and S9 HP Robotic Total Station


Trimble S9 total stations integrate the very best field technologies and our most excellent level of accuracy and technical engineering characteristics for the best in precision and performance.

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Maximum Performance, Precision, and Accuracy

Best field technologies level for Engineering

trimble s9 total stationTrimble S9 total stations integrate the very best field technologies and our most excellent level of accuracy and technical engineering characteristics for the best in precision and performance. You can combine imaging, scanning and studying into one solution, or concentrate on the highest degree of accuracy with options such as LongRange FineLock™ and our Trimble DR High Precision (HP) EDM for applications where accuracy is the priority. Back in the office, trust our strong Trimble Business Center and Trimble 4D office software that will help you process and analyze your data.

Whether your job involves monitoring, tunneling, or some other highly specialized program, the Trimble S9 total station is the solution. It combines all our top field technologies with our highest level of precision and our latest engineering features.

It combines all our top field technology with our greatest level of accuracy and also our most advanced engineering characteristics. The outcome is a high-performance system built for the toughest jobs.

Specialized for Engineering Applications

The Trimble S9 is built for exceptional performance, effective at tackling? Your most demanding applications like monitoring and tunneling, where you need a solution? With optimum rate, precision, and reliability.

Streamlined workflows guide crews through common project types, helping to get the work done faster without distractions. Trimble Access workflows can also be customized to fit your requirements.

Trimble Access field software

Back in the office, Software to assist you to assess, procedure and correct your optical, leveling, and GNSS data in one software solution.

Regardless of what Trimble tools you use in the area, you can trust that Trimble Business Center office applications will help you generate industry-leading deliverables. ? You may rest assured knowing that your equipment is up-to-date and where it should be.

Trimble SurePointTM

Reduce aiming error, avoid costly re-measurement and be confident in your outcomes using Trimble SurePointTM. The Trimble S9 total channels aim and stay on target through wind, managing, and sinkage, actively adjusting for unwanted movement ensuring accurate pointing and measurement each time. With exclusive MultiTrackTM technology and Target ID capabilities, surveyors can choose the type of goal, passive or active, that best matches the job site requirements and be confident that they’ll find and lock to the correct target. Additional engineering-specific features in the Trimble S9 total channels include Trimble Fine lock technology and the 3R laser pointer. Trimble Fine lock detects goals without hindrance from surrounding prisms for high precision applications in close quarters. The Trimble LongRange FineLock alternative extends this functionality. With the Class 3R laser pointer at the Trimble S9 HP, you’re able to visually mark things in the higher array in tunnels or underground mines. Get Best Price from Geomatics Land Surveying for Order This Month Only.



Trimble S9 Robotic Total Station Manufacturer Information


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DR Plus 0.5″, HP 0.5″, HP 1″


  • Available 0.5″ or 1″ angle accuracy
  • Trimble DR Plus EDM – allows the user to measure with fewer instrument set-ups & enhances your direct reflex performance
  • Angle Measurement: Sensor type – Absolute encoder with diametrical reading, Accuracy – (standard deviation based on DIN 18723): 0.5″ (0.15 mgon) or 1″ (0.3 mgon), Display (least count) 0.1″ (0.01 mgon), Automatic level compensator type – centred dual-sual axis – accuracy – 0.5″ (0.15 mgon) – range – +5.4′
  • Distance Measurement: Accuracy (ISO) – Prism mode: standard – 1mm + 2ppm (0.003ft + 2ppm) Accuracy (RMSE) – Prism mode: standard – 2mm + 2ppm (0.0065ft + 2ppm) / tracking – 4mm + 2ppm (0.013ft + 2ppm) DR mode: standard – 2mm + 2ppm (0.0065ft + 2ppm) / tracking – 4mm + 2ppm (0.013ft + 2ppm) / extended range – 10mm + 2ppm (0.033ft + 2ppm)
  • Measuring time: Prism mode: standard – 1.2 sec / tracking – 0.4 sec DR mode: standard – 1-5 sec / tracking – 0.4 sec
  • Measurement Range: Prism mode: 1 prism – 2,500m (8.202ft) / 1 prism Long Range mode – 5,500m (18,044ft) (max. range) / shortest possible range – 0.2m (0.65ft)
  • Weight – Instrument (Autolock) – 5.4 kg (11.35 lb)
  • Weight – Instrument (Robotic) – 5.5 kg (11.57 lb)
  • Weight – Trimble CU controller – 0.4 kg (0.88 lb)
  • Communication – USB, Serial, Bluetooth
  • Operating temperature – -20 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Dust & waterproofing – IP65


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