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Trimble Geo 7X ensures that you have the right data the first time, enabling the best choices to be made fast and cost-effectively.

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Trimble Geo 7X handheld is from the proven GeoExplorer series family of integrated, rugged, and high-accuracy GNSS handhelds. For users that can not rely on successful real-time corrections in the specialty, the Geo7 supports the business’s best available post-processing differential correction choices.

High-accuracy field work, flexibility, and convenience in one device.

Creating the job easier and more efficient

The Trimble Geo 7X Handheld computer with GNSS combines the functionality of high-accuracy fieldwork with the flexibility and ease of handheld placement in 1 device — making the job easier and more effective.

Chock full of features that enable rapid geospatial data collection anywhere with the level of accuracy and quality demanded by your organization, the Geo 7X ensures that you have the right data initially, enabling the best decisions to make economically.

Optimized with Trimble Access Software

Trimble Access Software

Trimble Access field software has the power, functionality, and modularity that surveyors need now. It is intended to support regular functions from topographic surveys, staking, management, and more. Its integrated 3G mobile modem enables continuous internet and network accessibility for web-based services, Trimble VRS corrections, and live, secure synchronization of field and office files through Trimble AccessSync.

Additionally, wireless connectivity choices, including Wi-Fi and cellular technology, ensure that field employees can stay in touch with the office along with every other, even from remote locations. The Trimble Geo 7X includes Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld version 6.5 Professional operating system, which makes it easy to utilize standard office files within the area.

How It Works

The Trimble Geo 7X from Geomatics Land Surveying can be utilized in two principal ways: mounted to a survey pole with an external antenna for survey-grade precision or connected to the CSDS Real-Time Network to function as a system rover. Take it off the pole and switch to its integrated antenna for handheld point dimension with easy access to features like its built-in camera.

For instance, when occupying the place is not possible to utilize the removable Geo 7X rangefinder accessory for point-and-shoot information set, even where there are barriers like traffic or private property access limitations.

The Geo 7X supports signs from all existing and intended GNSS constellations and augmentation systems. Along with being a complete network rover solution, when outside the system, the system may be employed to collect GNSS information for post-processing from Trimble Business Center software.

This configuration ships packaged in the Trimble Geo 7 Series rugged transport case From Geomatics Land Surveying. This configuration includes a license for Trimble TerraSync Centimeter Edition software.


trimble geo 7x Rangefinder workflows

Trimble Geo 7X Handheld GNSS System comes with:

  • (1) Trimble Geo 7X Handheld w/ Rangefinder, NMEA, Floodlight, H-STAR, Centimeter, Beidu, Galileo.
  • (1) Hand Strap Kit
  • (1) Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (11.1V 2.5Ah)
  • (1) Soft Carry Pouch
  • (1) AC Power Adaptor (15V 1A output)
  • (1) ScreenGuardz HD 4.2″ Screen Protector Kit (2-pack)
  • (1) ID Label Sheet
  • (1) USB Data Cable (1.8m, Type-A to Mini-B)
  • (1) Stylus Kit
  • (1) Quick Start Guide (International)
  • Include field or office software.

Reference Library

3.7/5 (25 Reviews)



  • Eliminate physical barriers to field success
  • Easy and productive asset data capture with remote mapping and measurement
  • Capture more positions and increased accuracy in tough GNSS environments
  • “Compatible with existing and planned GNSS constellations to maximize investment”
  • Flexible software options to collect, process, and manage data with simple, connected workflows
  • An integrated dual-mode cellular modem that enables continuous network and Internet access to real-time map data, web-based services

Other key features include the following:

  • Centimeter accuracy in a handheld form factor.
  • 5-megapixel autofocus camera.
  • Wireless connectivity options including cellular and Wi-Fi technology.
  • Easy-to-use feature coding.
  • Feature-rich graphical COGO routines for calculating points and features.
  • Graphical staking of points, lines, arcs, and alignments from active maps.
  • Detachable Geo 7X rangefinder accessory for point-and-shoot positioning.
  • Real-time data sharing between field and office.


3.7/5 (25 Reviews)


3.7/5 (25 Reviews)


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3.7/5 (25 Reviews)

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