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Trimble CFX-750 screen is a simple to use touchscreen display that provides steering, affordable advice, and precision agriculture operation. Use the CFX-750 display to maximize your efficiency after planting, planting, distributing, and strip by adding Trimble’s harvest input tilling control system, and updating it to receive GLONASS satellites.

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Trimble CFX-750 is a multi-functional display for navigation that provides key functionalities for precision agriculture. This intuitive display allows you to optimize everyday field operations, lengthen working hours and increase productivity. CFX-750 can provide different accuracy levels depending on the field’s position, crop, soil, and shape.

Know About The Features And Benefits Of Trimble CFX-750


If you are looking for high tech and advanced device in Precision Agriculture at an affordable price, developed functionality, and operational touch screening feature that Trimble CFX 750 is a significant choice to get. Use the CFX-750 in conjunction with the Trimble Field-IQ control system to maximize your planting, spraying, and soil preparation efficiency. It also allows updating to receive signals from GLONASS satellites.

Moreover, the Trimble CFX-750 display features an easy-to-use touch-screen color display and LED visual guidance to maintain the correct path. Also, the built-in GPS can be updated to get better qualities and precision ranges with Omni STAR, RTX, RTK, GLONASS signals.

The screen indicates where you are, allows you to see where you have been and the work is done. In addition, Trimble CFX-750 memorizes the coverage and creates maps that can be transferred by USB memory or by wireless connection using the Farm Works software to the computer.

Description of the Trimble CFX-750:

Trimble CFX-750 DGPS agricultural GPS

The CFX-750 display is a thoughtful design, which is popular because it offers proper guidance for the usages and gives proper agriculture functionality for planting. Also, the manual application comes with this machine. At least it is very affordable to buy this machine.

The Trimble also allows updating to receive signals from GLONASS satellites.

Benefits Of The Application:

The main advantages of the application:

LINE SHUTDOWN: Eliminate planting line crossings at the edges and in the middle of the field. As a result, there will be significant savings in seed and liquid fertilizer costs using Tru Count Meter Mount air clutches and Tru Count LiquiBlock valves.

PLANTING: Precision seed and nutrient control to maximize your profits using the Trimble Field-IQ control system for use in future EPA applications or reports.

PULVERIZING: Reduction of costs with liquid fertilizers and chemical products using the Field-IQ system and variable rate application control with the automatic shutdown at the end of the lines, maintaining the same speed.

MAINTENANCE OF RECORDS: Collect data during field operations, transfer the information to Farm Works software, and monitor your daily operations.

GLONASS: Increased availability of satellites by updating to receive GLONASS signal.

Add new features: The Field IQ Automatic Spray Control System is a flow controller and section control on a single console.     

Allows you to control application rate regardless of application speed and still controls up to 48 spray sections. Above all, it acts directly on the controller or in parallel with the controller on the machine.

Field IQ uses the CFX750 and FMX displays for user interface configuration.

Advantages Of The System:

It features 20% savings in the consumption of pesticides—the decrease in crop damage due to herbicide overlap. Increase the quality of the operation where you release the operator to control other functions of the machine. It helps in the reduction of environmental impact. It also helps in increasing the operating income by increasing the speed at borders and hedges. The Trimble cfx-750 is easy to install on commercial sprayers.

Features of the Trimble cfx-750:

  • LED Light Bar
  • 8-inch touch color screen
  • USB port
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • It is easy to use

Trimble CFX-750 Display features

  • Rugged construction 8″ color touchscreen display
  • Two video camera inputs
  • High performance, integrated GPS/GNSS receiver
  • Manual guidance and mapping
  • Trimble steering system compatibility
  • Boom height control for sprayers
  • Seed monitoring
  • Two product VRA control
  • Automatic section control
  • Basic yield monitoring
  • Wireless data transfer for in-office analysis
Key Field-IQ System Capabilities
  • Simultaneously control the application rate of up to two different materials.
  • Create a high-yielding environment with accurate seed placement.
  • Instantly adjust the height of boom sections with sensors that measure the distance between ground cover or plant canopy to maintain even material application when spraying.
Guidance and Mapping
  • Perform point, line, coverage, and area mapping in a variety of fields patterns.
  • Upgrade to a Trimble assisted or automated steering system, such as the EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot, or Autopilot system, to complete your total guidance package and operate with ease.


  • AG15 / AG25 COAX CABLE

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