Trimble TSC3 Controller Data Collectors

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The Trimble TSC3 Data Collectors with Access give you just the features and benefits you need, in one flexible, scalable system. Simply choose the configuration level that suits your needs best. The Trimble TSC3 Data Collectors with Access offer the most in scalability.

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Trimble TSC3 Controller with Trimble Access software is a handheld field computing solution that streamlines the flow of everyday surveying work and the number of devices you need in the field. Your rugged workhorse for site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations, the TSC3 gives supervisors, foremen, grade checkers, and site engineers total control of site operations.


Features and Benefits

Rugged, Durable Design


  • Withstands the toughest weather and Jobsite conditions including water and dust
  • Works in all light conditions and in temperatures ranging from -30 C to +60 C (-22 F to 140 F)

Easy-to-use Hardware


Cable-free Operation




  • Instantly access a wireless network with a built-in 3G modem and Wi-Fi capability
  • Receive base station corrections
  • Rapidly send and retrieve design files and email without additional components or plug-in cards

Trimble Remote Assistant


  • Clarify work orders, confirm design file versions and update software modules without leaving the job site

Purpose-Built Design

  • Large, bright high-resolution screen
  • Choose from a QWERTY or conventional alpha-number keyboard
  • Automatically geo-tag captured images
  • Navigate and find control points and other assets quickly with integrated GPS
  • Receive direction cues with the internal compass
  • Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates cables

Real-Time Communications

  • Wireless internet connectivity with integrated GSM/GPRS modem
  • Trimble AccessSync enables real-time synchronization between field and office
  • Download and upload files anytime, anywhere
  • Connect with VRS connections using the internal modem

Fully-integrated camera

  • 5 MP autofocus camera and LED flash
  • Take digital photographs of your job site right from the control
  • Record qualitative information, such as site conditions or work progress


Reference Library

Trimble TSC3 Controller Brochure

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Whether you’re using a total station or a GNSS rover, the TSC3 controller gives you total control over on-site tasks. It is especially useful for:

  • Supervisors monitoring cut/fill progress
  • Grade checkers verifying grade and checking as-builts with a GNSS rover
  • Site surveyors setting out and maintaining control points
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